Blinds & Curtain Cleaning

Curtains, drapes and blinds are generally a major decorative element in your home. They are also a functional piece because you use them to block out sunlight and to close off your windows for privacy. With all this use, it's not hard to believe that your curtains can build up quite a bit of dirt and dust over time that needs to be cleaned off.

That’s why at Sydneywide Carpet Cleaning we offer a convenient onsite cleaning service to make your curtains, drapes and blinds fresh and clean again. We clean them while they are left hanging, guaranteeing a professional clean with no shrinking or fading.

We are certified and trained to handle the finest of fabrics giving you peace of mind that our technicians will perform the task with competence.

We specialize in cleaning curtains and drapes, thermals, Roman Blinds, Roller blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds and Wooden Venetian Blinds.

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